Ways to Support B'nai B'rith UK

There are many ways you can support BBUK provide projects and services across UK, Israel and Eastern Europe.  Check out the details below and get in touch if you would like to become a part of the BBUK team.

Your Donation Can Make a Difference!

Celebration Time

It’s easy to give a gift, but by asking your friends and family to make a donation to BBUK instead of giving you gifts for your special occasion will really make a difference. You can decide to which project your donation is sent.


One of the easiest ways to support us is to leave money to BBUK in your will. Your legacy will greatly help us to continue the vital services and projects we have to support children and families across the UK, Israel and Eastern Europe.

We understand that making a will is a personal matter, but if you’d like to tell us about your intentions we’d love to hear from you so that we can thank you for your support.

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