Activities for Jewish Heritage Days – Cheshire Unity Lodge

Cheshire Unity Lodge - Activities for Jewish Heritage Days 2016

Report by Alan Miller

Sunday 9th October 2016.

Talk by Professor Nathan Abrams, Bangor University Wales, entitled: “Hidden in plain sight, British Jewish identity through film and TV”.

This attracted the highest attendance in living memory for a meeting of Cheshire Unity Lodge. Professor Abrams gave an illustrated talk on the subject which is also the title of his recently published book.

The event was considered a major success and gave the audience a completely new approach to appreciating how Jews are portrayed and perceived.

Sunday 13th November 2016.

An audio – visual presentation entitled: “Pop goes the J factor” by Brian Greene the highly regarded local show business expert and member of Cheshire Unity.

This also played to a full house and a waiting list was required. Brian treated the Lodge to the sounds and images of many famous Jews in popular music, from Al Jolson to the present day, describing their family origins and brought back happy memories for many ot those present.

Both events were outstandingly successful.