Raoul Wallenberg Annual Lecture

Canon White gives Raoul Wallenberg Annual Lecture

Report by Gerald Diamond

For its 2016 Annual Raoul Wallenberg lecture the Lodge invited Canon Andrew White, sometimes referred to as the Vicar of Baghdad, to address us. The event had coincided with the Swedish authorities officially recognizing the death of Raoul Wallenberg and was subject to a full page Times obituary. Canon White spoke in moving terms of Raoul Wallenberg, and his good work.

Canon White explained that he had grown up in a household that loved the Jews. He studied to be an anesthetist and then went to Cambridge to read theology, and was appointed to several dioceses . His love of Judaism convinced him to study at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and he lived with the Charedi of Mear Shearim until  becoming Chaplain of St. George’s Church in Baghdad in 2005, and was of great service to those jews still remaining in Baghdad. He also served as the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Special Envoy to the Middle East. With safety always a threat he left Iraq in 2014. In addition he set up a school for refugee children in Jordan, whilst President of FRRME, (the Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East), and the sister American organisation.

Following his address, Canon White took questions from the floor.