News of 2018 Heritage Days

B'nai B'rith UK's European Days of Jewish Culture and Heritage 2018

Report by Lydia Drukarz

For 2018, the BBUK EDJCH will run on Sunday 2nd September and again on Sunday 7th – Sunday 14th October inclusive. The National Heritage Open Days will run from 6th – 9th and 13th – 16th September this year, but we are happy to feature events on any date in between Sunday 2nd September and Sunday 14th October in our booklet, which should help our heritage synagogues.

The theme for 2018 will be ‘Storytelling’, which lends itself to a huge range of potential events. For example, local authors could give talks about their latest book at synagogues; organisations can organise poetry readings or even comedy nights, because the best comedy is often a series of funny stories! Alternatively, participants could focus on the telling of Jewish folklore tales and legends; events could link with the heritage of shtetls or food stories; or the theme could look at the human spirit, telling stories of personal journeys, facing adversity, life events, handing down traditions through storytelling.

We’ll be happy to list any of your events around or during the above dates in our publicity booklet