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Yad B'Yad Lodge

For more information contact President Maureen Daniels


Yad B’Yad Lodge was inaugurated in 1988. It is a lively, friendly unity Lodge with over a hundred members. As can be seen below there is a full programme of activities. The Lodge supports BBUK’s core projects and also supports some local welfare projects and charities.


Wednesday, 12th September – Art and Literature

Thursday, 13th September – Outing – Postal Museum

Thursday, 13th September – Bridge Evening

Sunday, 16th September – Outing – Northampton Heritage

Wednesday, 26th September – Short Walk

Thursday, 27th September – Rummikub Evening

Wednesday, 3rd October – Ramble

Thursday, 11th October – Bridge

Sunday, 14th October – Ramble

Wednesday, 17th October – Songs and Folklore in the Jewish East End, Pippa & Derek Reid

Thursday, 25th October – Rummikub

Thursday, 1st November – Ramble

Thursday, 8th November – Bridge Evening

Sunday, 11th November – Ramble

Tuesday, 13th November – A Modern Jewish Experience of the British Army

Tuesday, 27th November – Music Evening – Viennese Connection

Thursday, 29th November – Rummikub

Thursday, 13th December – Bridge Evening

Sunday, 16th December – Ramble

Thursday, 27th December – Rummikub

Sunday, 3rd February – Supper Quiz