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Thames Lodge

 For information about the Lodge’s programme and activities contact the President Paul Solomon


2015 was a busy year for Thames Lodge and at the end of the year there were 37 of us – the majority of whom are very active. This is an increase of 5 on last year.

We continue actively to recruit new members by extending our mailing list to people who have expressed interest in coming to our speaker meetings. This has resulted in 4 more people who are currently completing membership forms.

Our monthly talks are hosted at members’ homes with a wide variety of speakers

followed by tea, cakes etc. and my thanks are to those who are able to host these evenings. It is hard work putting together an interesting programme but I am ably assisted by the hard work of a few well connected members.

All of the speakers were excellent and two come to mind. Rabbi Sam Landau, Kingston Synagogue spoke on Mental Health and Judaism and Reverend Andrew White, Kingston University on The Jewish Influence on Christian Art. Both local people!

Our two big social events are the summer garden party and the Chanukah party and both were very well attended – good food, good wine and great company ensured that all had a great time.

Paul Solomon – President


Please contact the President Paul Solomon