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Leo Baeck (London) Unity Lodge

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The Leo Baeck (London) Lodge has continued with its usual programme of activities. There have been fortnightly meetings with guest speakers interspersed with musical entertainments. Notable speakers included Gillian Merron the Chief Executive of The Board of Deputies and Simon Johnson of the he Jewish Leadership Council. Our Leo Baeck Memorial Lecture was given by Rabbi Deborah Kahn Harris. During the past year, which was a difficult time for all in the present economic circumstances, our Trust Funds have continued to assist various organisations in the UK, Israel and in the Ukraine.

All our Committees continue to do their productive work for the benefit of all members. As President of our Lodge, may I express my thanks and gratitude to my Monitor, the Vice President, the Board, to the Chairs of all the Committees and to all our members for their advice and support.

Alex Faiman


Contact Philipa Strauss for programme details

Wednesday, 2nd November – Reconciliation – Leo Baeck Annual Memorial Lecture Brother Co-President Harry Jacobi

Wednesday, 28th December 4 p.m – Chanukah Party