BB menorah

Finchley & Hendon Lodge

For further information about our activities and programme contact Walter Breindel


As one of the smaller lodges, we struggle to keep afloat. This is due to the fact that many members are either indisposed or keeping up a sleeping membership. We have not held many meetings, with most of our business being done on the phone. We (Walter) run the Qiryat Gat scheme, the only combined Israel scheme supported by all the lodges collectively, one of BBUK’s core projects.

We continue to send money for BB causes and are also able to keep up our ongoing support for various charities, such as Qiryat Gat, CST, Hatzolla and the Abraham Lewin Shoe Programme, all thanks to the generosity of our members and friends.

We are at present in merger talks with Abraham Lewin Lodge and do support by attending the various lodges helping them make up the numbers. One or two of our members have donated equipment to the Qiryat Gat Trauma Station. One of our members just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary and asked their friends instead of giving presents to donate to the QG general fund, this raised over £1200.00.


For information about the Lodge’s programme contact Walter Breindel