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Cheshire inaugurated in 1973 turned forty five in 2018.

Our Membership is drawn mainly from the South Manchester area.

The Lodge continues to hold regular, well attended monthly meetings, mainly in member’s houses. We are also growing in numbers.

Meetings have ranged over a wide series of topics including:

An inspiring talk by Peter Kurer on how the Quaker saved so many people from the Holocaust, including his family; the now famous Men’s Dinner Party [although this year it was held in a restaurant]; a fantastic musical presentation by Brian Greene on “Irving Berlin – a man for all seasons”; a talk by Boyd Norwood, a Barrister, on “The long road home from Garvaghy Road to Gatley”; Johnny Davis spoke of the life and work of Gustav Mahler, playing excerpts from his works; we enjoyed a special trip to Altrincham Garrick to see the excellent Musical ‘42nd Street’, followed by refreshments;our Jewish Historian and travel agent, Alan Silman, organised a trip to sites of Jewish historical interest in Lincoln, Northampton & Norwich; at our Summer Barbeque, there was food, wine and questions to tax the senses; one of our members taught us to play Croquet at Bowden Croquet Club; a talk by Professor and Author, Tony Lentin, about ‘Sir Edgar Speyer – The man who saved the Proms’; Sefton Samuels spoke and showed photos of his experiences “photographing the famous”; John Alken, who is a registered Manchester Tour Guide, spoke of his experiences and in December members brought along materials connected with celebration of Chanukah and Light to amuse and enlighten us all.

Additionally over 100 guests enjoyed a hilarious murder mystery evening at Yeshurun Synagogue where our MM Theatre Group raised over £1,900 for Delamere Charitable Trust and BB charities.

Maintaining the principles of B’nai B’rith the Lodge has also donated over £12,000 over the last four years to BB and other charities.

Brian Greene – Cheshire Unity Lodge Information Officer


Sunday 12th January 2020 – Murder Mystery

Sunday 19th January 2020 – Annual General Meeting followed by a Talk: “Frank Sinatra ; doing it his way”

Sunday 23rd February 2020 – Men’s dinner Party

Saturday 7th March 2020 – Theatre evening

Sunday 29th March 2020 – Murder Mystery

Sunday 19th April – Illustrated talk on Ethiopia and the Jews of Addis Ababa