Israel And The Middle East – Book by Jeremy Havardi

Israel and the Middle East by Jeremy Havardi

Report by Jeremy Havardi Director BBLBIA

This short book (Available from sets out the international rights of the Jewish people to Israel and establishes the legal, historical and moral justifications for the Jewish state. It counters much of the ignorance and myth making that surrounds the Arab-Israeli conflict, overturning many of the misconceptions found in the media and academia. It provides evidence of anti-Israel bias in major political institutions and advocates for a just and viable peace settlement in the Middle East. The short essays provide the reader with important facts and arguments, enabling them to become informed Israel advocates in their own communities.

Among the topics covered are:

  • What is the Jewish people’s historical connection to Israel?
  • Why is Jerusalem important to the Jews?
  • What is Zionism?
  • What are the legal foundations of the state of Israel?
  • What was the moral case for creating the state of Israel?
  • Why did Palestinians become refugees in 1948?
  • Why did Israel occupy land in 1967?
  • Is the de facto occupation illegal?
  • Did Israel worsen Palestinian health between 1967-1994?
  • What steps has Israel taken to achieve peace in recent decades?
  • How do the Palestinians undermine co-existence?
  • How is UNRWA today undermining prospects for peace?
  • Are settlements a primary barrier to peace?
  • Is Israel an apartheid state?
  • Why does Israel place restrictions on Gaza?
  • Is there a cycle of violence between Israelis and Palestinians?
  • Does Israel employ disproportionate force against the Palestinians?
  • What is the position of Arabs in Israel today?
  • Is Israel guilty of colonialism?
  • Why should BDS be rejected by the international community?
  • Has the UN been unbiased towards Israel?
  • Why does Israel remain worried by the Iranian regime?
  • Where can one find antisemitism among the anti-Israel movement?
  • How does Israel enhance the security of the West?

How does Israeli science and technology benefit the world?