Meeting at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office September 2015

Report by Helene Briskman

As many of you may know President Obama recently put forward a nuclear deal with Iran.

Helene Briskman and Jeremy Havardi met with Nick Jones and Ben Bayman of the Iran desk at the FCO to discuss concerns about Iran and the implications of the deal.

Three main areas were discussed

  1. The P5+1 joint Comprehensive Plan of Action with Iran.

A Nuclear deal had been reached, in Vienna, between the P5+ 1 powers (China, France, Russia, United Kingdom, United States—plus Germany,) and the EU with Iran.

LBIA raised many concerns including that the sites will not be shuttered, inspection regimes will be less than watertight and centrifuges are to remain. The FCO agreed that the agreement was not perfect but it was the best that could be achieved and that the aim of the agreement was to delay Iran’s breakout time in producing a bomb.

  1. Iran’s support of terrorism, and destabilising influence in the region.

The FCO agreed that Iran’s influence over terrorist groups was problematic and that

Iran’s support for Hamas and Hezbollah was a threat to the Middle East Peace process.

The FCO pointed out that the UK leads the criticism of Iran on its Human Rights


  1. The threats to wipe out Israel.

The FCO was aware that Iran is the 4th largest power with ballistic missiles, which could reach Israel, Cyprus and Greece and UK will continue to monitor this.

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