First Lodge of England – Historical Events

Very Successful Barbecue

Report by Naomi Tickner

On Sunday, 3rd August we had a very successful barbecue at the home of one of our members (Lesley Morris). A great day was had by us all. Our hostess looked after us amazingly and not only allowed us to take over her home and garden but also produced some delicious desserts. Our happy band of helpers manned the barbecues, made salads and ensured that all the guests were well looked after.

Talk by Ishmael Khaldi

Report by Lesley Morris

A full house greeted Ishmael Khaldi on 13th May, when he came to talk to First Lodge about his life.

Ishmael Khaldi

Ishmael Khaldi

He was born into a shepherding Bedouin family and lived in a tent until he was 8 years old. He calls himself a ‘reform’ Muslim, a remark that amused everyone.  He went to school on foot, a distance of 3 km, and on returning did his homework by the light of lamps.  It was a pretty primitive life, with no electricity or water, and his mother used to get up at 4am to get water.

He was obviously very gifted, because he went to the best multicultural high school in Haifa, and subsequently took a masters degree in political science.

In 2006 he went to San Francisco on behalf o the Israeli Government, and for a time lived with a Chabad family, which totally enhanced his feeling towards the Jewish people.  He is now working for the Israeli Embassy in London  working to put forward the Israeli position on it’s policies and promoting the Jewish State.  I was really surprised at how vehement he was in promoting Jewish values, but it was really heartening to hear him.

Our evening ended with refreshments (of course) and a signing of his book – a Shepherd’s tale – which many of us purchased and which I am looking forward to reading.