BBUK LBIA Write to Ukraine Ambassador

BBUK LBIA Write to Ukraine Ambassador to Express Dismay

Report by Jeremy Havardi

Her Excellency Natalia Galibarenko

Embassy of Ukraine

60 Holland Park


W11 3SJ



5 July 2018


Dear Ambassador Galibarenko,


I am writing on behalf of B’nai B’rith UK and its political arm, the London Bureau, to express our dismay at comments made on June 25th by Ukraine’s chief military prosecutor Anatoliy Matios.


In the interview on the Insider website, the prosecutor said that in each war, there was a figure like Alexander Parvus (the Marxist theoretician) who sought to finance bloodshed through revolution. Noting that Parvus was Jewish, the prosecutor said ‘they want to do the same to Ukraine.’ We believe that such incendiary and hateful comments appeal only to those who wish to demonise Jews and make them scapegoats for the country’s troubles. Over 70 years from the end of the Holocaust in Europe, we know all too well the dark places where prejudice leads when it is left unchecked.


We call on the Ukrainian authorities to condemn the prosecutor’s remarks in the most forthright terms possible.


Yours sincerely



Jeremy Havardi

Director, B’nai B’rith UK’s London Bureau