BBLBIA write to the UK Ambassdor of Spain

BBLBIA write to the UK Ambassdor of Spain requesting a meeting

Report by Alan Miller and Jeremy Havardi

His Excellency Mr Carlos Bastarreche

Embassy of Spain

39 Chesham Place


SW1X 8SB                                                                                                   9 November 2018



Your Excellency,


We are writing on behalf of our organisation to request a meeting with you. B’nai B’rith is a global organisation dedicated to combating antisemitism and promoting a tolerant and inclusive society across the globe. Having been founded 175 years ago, we now have representation in 59 countries, as well as at the UN in New York and at UNESCO in Paris. We regularly have dialogues with diplomats, politicians and NGOs and are well known throughout the world.


We are deeply concerned at the recent decision taken by the mayor of Barcelona, Ms Ada Colau, regarding the women’s water polo match between Israel and Spain. Owing to pressure from the pro Catalan party, the CUP, the mayor prevented the Israelis from using a pool in a municipality of Barcelona. Eventually, the match was relocated to another premises in Sant Cugat.


Those who advocate a boycott of Israel, and who pressured the Mayor, oppose the very existence of the Jewish state and consistently make statements that are antisemitic. By aligning with them, the municipality of Barcelona is violating the spirit of the Olympic philosophy which calls for the freedom to practise sport without any form of discrimination. We would like to meet with you regarding this incident, and also discuss other areas of interest. We look forward to your response and please feel free to respond by email or phone.


Yours sincerely


Alan Miller                                                     Jeremy Havardi

National President, B’nai B’rith UK              Director, B’nai B’rith UK’s London Bureau