BBLBIA News Update

B'nai B'rith London Bureau of International Affairs

Report by Jeremy Havardi


1) Bureau members went to the Czech embassy to meet with officials. We discussed the Czech Republic’s relations with Israel and the wider context of the Middle East conflict, anti-semitism in the country and the implications of Brexit.

2) The Bureau also went to meet the Latvian Ambassador for a lengthy discussion on Brexit and the EU, Holocaust Restitution and Latvian-Israeli relations.

3) The Bureau was invited to a diplomatic reception at the Hellenic Centre, organised by the Board of Deputies in conjunction with the Cypriot and Israeli embassies.

4) Tony Swabe, the Bureau’s Chairman, wrote to the Prime Minister’s Office to express concerns at the Paris summit held on 15th January. He specifically asked that UK ministers urgently raise the topic of Palestinian incitement. Jeremy Havardi’s letter on the Paris summit was published in the Jewish Chronicle and an article on a different topic appeared in the Jewish News.

Jeremy Havardi
London Bureau of International Affairs
B’nai B’rith UK