BBLBIA met with the Hungarian Secretary of State for Civil Affairs

Report by Jeremy Havardi

Last week, representatives from BBUK, led by National President Alan Miller, met H.E. Vince Szalay-Bobrovniczky, Secretary of State in the Hungarian Prime Minister’s Office, for a discussion on antisemitism in the country as well as the political situation in both Europe and the Middle East. BBUK conveyed their appreciation for Hungary’s diplomatic support for Israel in the international community, citing the country’s attempts to block anti-Israel resolutions both at the UN and within the EU. They also welcomed the government’s funding for restoring religious buildings. But BBUK did express concern at the resurgence of antisemitic images used in official discourse, arguing that these would give succour to nationalists with a hostile agenda. There was further disagreement about how to deal with the migrant crisis in Europe and with the subject of Muslim immigration.