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B’nai B’rith Young Professionals is a London-based international group for young people offering regular social events, stimulating speakers and activities, and an opportunity to be part of an organisation dedicated to helping and supporting Jews all over the world.

While still affiliated to B’nai B’rith UK, B’nai B’rith Young Professionals is a less structured organisation but with the same core values of charity, inclusiveness and friendship. Activities are designed to introduce members to our projects and work and encourage them to become involved by either participating in these projects or raising funds for them.

We offer a wide range of events including interesting speakers, discussions, and cultural visits, always accompanied by food and an opportunity to socialise.

So why not become a member of B’nai B’rith Young Professionals and receive great discounts on all future activities.

BB Young Professionals

This group has been formed to cater for the interests of both single and married Jewish people.

Becoming a B’nai B’rith Young Professionals enables you to support B’nai B’rith’s core values of charity, inclusiveness and friendship.

You will be able to enjoy a full social programme with like-minded members of your age group whilst supporting, by participating in or fund raising, the core charitable projects of BBUK. B’nai B’rith Young Professionals’ Annual Membership is £10.


Sunday, 14th JulyBBYP joint drinks for 40 to 60 year-olds

Friday, 2nd August – BBYP (B’nai B’rith) & Ner Yisrael Young Professionals Friday Night Dinner

Sunday, 8th September – FREE Moroccan-style Picnic at Klezmer in the Park