B’nai B’rith Heritage Days

What Are Heritage Days?

The Centre for Jewish Identity and Culture (CJIC) is a committee of B’nai B’rith UK that acts as a link between the UK and Europe through its coordination of the European Days of Jewish Culture and Heritage in the UK.   Its aim is to reinforce Jewish identity and commitment and through its Open Days to present Judaism to the general public with its outreach, educational, social and cultural programmes.

Each year, since 2000, B’nai B’rith’s CJIC committee has proudly organised Jewish Culture and Heritage Days in the UK. These events take place in September and are held all over the country. They are part of the European Days of Jewish Culture & Heritage that takes place throughout mainland Europe.

Committee members are drawn from B’nai B’rith Lodges and meet on a regular basis.

The Jewish Culture and Heritage Days are not designed just to interest Jews. They are days that are used to celebrate Jewish culture and to educate non-Jews about Jewish life in an effort to create understanding and trust between religions.

On Heritage Days, selected synagogues and Jewish historic sites are open to the general public and related events including guided walks, lectures and exhibitions take place.

Each year a different focus is chosen as the theme.