Annual General Meeting Of Edgware Women’s Lodge 2017

Edgware Women's Lodge

Report by Joella Leaf

The 52nd Annual General Meeting was held on 21st February 2017 when President, Naomi Lesser, was elected for a sixth term. Approximately twenty members were present.

The Minutes of the 51st Annual General Meeting were read by Minutes Secretary, Valerie Levy.

President Naomi Lesser thanked all the hard-working members of Council especially Monitor – Norma Sinclair. She made special mention of Sylvia Levy who was celebrating fifty years of membership, Now Sylvia has resigned after thirty-one years as our Treasurer, and our sincere thanks go to her. She said how much the Lodge appreciated Sylvia’s son who had once again produced the Annual Accounts.

Amongst others Naomi thanked Diane Issacharoff for producing an excellent programme of speakers for everyone’s enjoyment and Daphne Taylor and Helen Levenson for their wonderful lunches – not to mention the home-made cakes.

Gratitude was expressed to Norma Sinclair who had been responsible for the Envelope Fund which had raised £541 for charitable causes.

Donations had been made to the Children of the Ukraine Shoes Fund, Ukrainian Jewry, Quiryat Gat, the Quiryat Gat Chanucah Gift Fund and the European Days of Culture and Heritage. Chanukah Gift Tokens had also been sent to the four children of Yael and Yossi Haddad – the Lodge’s adopted Israeli family.

On the 23rd August , we held our annual delicious Summer Tea at Stanmore Golf Club.

Naomi concluded by thanking all those who came to meetings, brought their friends as prospective members and provided such a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. She felt sure that she could look forward to their continuing support during her sixth year as President.

Alan Miller, President of BBUK spoke to us about “I Did it My Way”.

The Installation will be held on 21st March. Our Installing Officer will be BBUK Monitor Eve Swabe.