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Abraham Lewin Unity Lodge 3280

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We held our regular monthly meetings, two thirds of which were visiting and interesting speakers covering a wide range of subjects.  One speaker talked about Trent Park, which was used to eavesdrop on German prisoners during the last war. We had a London Taxi driver telling us about his experiences driving passengers around London.  Musical evenings where each person played one of their favourite pieces of music, and why they have chosen that particular piece, and also we have had some political discussions.

The remainder were in house activities, such as musical evenings and   discussions.  We also held Lodge parties at Chanucah and at Purim, and enjoyed our regular Pesach tea.   In addition we held our yearly garden party in co-operation with the Wanstead Jewish Literary Society, and we were fortunate to have a lovely sunny day.   We look forward to a similar programme during this  year.

Registered Charity No. 1110810


Sunday, 16th April – Lodge Pesach Tea

Sunday, 21st May – Outing – The Museum of Brands

Monday, 1st May – Yom Ha’artzmaut Celebration

Wednesday, 7th June – Alan Cohen – Talk – Chiaroscuro – Darkness And Light In Painting And Music

Wednesday, 5th July – Malcolm Factor – Talk – Some of his experiences during his epic 3 month voyage

August – No meetings

For more information contact Avril Joseph